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Off Topic / Happy Birthday USA; Matt Stonie Is Your New Overlord
« on: July 04, 2015, 02:11:47 pm »
Matt Stonie dethrones 8-time defending champion Joey Chestnut, 62 hot dogs to 60. Matt Stonie weights 130 pounds. All Hail Matt Stonie.


The club whose events I raced at a couple of times last year just one the 2015 national masters T&F championships, beating out SoCal (suck it T0ddday) for the gold!

Look at the list of PVTC's individual and relay winners and do two things: (1) bow before the superior dedication of your elders and (2) take inspiration from the fact that you never, ever have to stop training hard and trying to get better. even when you're 90.

PVTC's team won the 2015 USATF Masters Indoor Track & Field Championships, held March 20-22 at JDL Fast Track in Winston-Salem NC.
Our team scored 682 total points, ahead of Southern California (SoCal) Track Club's 648. Our gold medal winners:

W50-54 60 Meter: Sandy Triolo, 8.64 seconds
W75-79 60 Meter: Rose Green, 10.82 American Record
M50-54 60 Meter: Lonnie Hooker, 7.32
M90-94 60 Meter: Dixon Hemphill, 17.72
M95-99 60 Meter: Orville Rogers, 16.92
W75-79 200 Meter: Rose Green, 36.83
M50-54 200 Meter: Lonnie Hooker, 24.08  :o
M60-64 200 Meter: Oscar Peyton, 25.25
M90-94 200 Meter: Dixon Hemphill, 1:05.86
M95-99 200 Meter: Orville Rogers, 1:16.77
M95-99 400 Meter: Orville Rogers, 3:25.88
M70-74 800 Meter: John Brittain, 2:52.98
M90-94 800 Meter: Dixon Hemphill, 7:03.86
W65-69 1 Mile: Joanie McMullan, 8:22.79
M90-94 1 Mile: Roy Englert, 11:52.34
W75-79 3000 Meter: Tami Graf, 20:36.95
M80-84 3000 Meter: Robert Gurtler, 21:52.62
W65-69 4x200 Meter: Joanie McMullan, Lynnea Salvo, Tami Graf, Rose Green, 2:54.84
M80-84 4x200 Meter: Darrell Dempster, Robert Gurtler, Lawrence Dickerson, Ino Cantu, 4:03.05
M90-99 4x200 Meter: Orville Rogers, Charles Ross, Roy Englert, Charles Boyle, 5:40.82
W50-59 4x400 Meter: Mary Lowe Mayhugh, Ida Draim, Betty Blank, Hannah Phillips, 6:04.24
M80-89 4x400 Meter: Darrell Dempster, Robert Gurtler, Lawrence Dickerson, Ino Cantu, 8:52.60
M90-99 4x200 Meter: Orville Rogers, Charles Ross, Dixon Hemphill, Roy Englert, 12:54.81
W50-59 4x800 Meter: Mary Lowe Mayhugh, Ida Draim, Liza Recto, Elizabeth Row, 14:20.54
M30-39 4x800 Meter: Muraji Nakazawa, Mike Cannon, Terence McLaughlin, Miles Aitken, 11:49.52
M50-59 4x800 Meter: Mario Zuniga, Duane WIlliamson, Ted Poulos, Steven Anderson, 10:38.21
M80-89 4x800 Meter: Darrell Dempster, Robert Gurtler, Lawrence Dickerson, Ino Cantu, 20:36.33
M90-99 4x800 Meter: Orville Rogers, Charles Ross, Roy Englert, Dixon Hemphill, 29:47.68  :o :o :o
W75-79 High Jump: Tami Graf, 0.85 meters
M55-59 High Jump: Bruce McBarnette, 1.80m
W45-49 Long Jump: Tracey Battle, 4.48m
W75-79 Long Jump: Tami Graf, 1.99m
W45-49 Triple Jump: Tracey Battle, 9.44m
W40-44 Shot Put: Jennifer Stephens, 9.03m
M35-39 Shot Put: Ibrahim Babiker (international athlete), 13.57m
W40-44 Weight Throw: Jennifer Stephens, 10.08m
W40-44 Super Weight Throw: Jennifer Stephens, 5.81m
M85-89 Super Weight Throw: Darrell Dempster, 5.41m
M60-64 3000 Meter Race Walk: Peter Blank, 19:52.61

The 90-99 4x800 is the first one ever fielded, as far as they know. That is insane. People older than my living grandparents. Who cares that it was at a pace that for me would be a fast walk?!? That is insane! They're in their NINETIES!

 :goodjobbro: :almostascoolasnyancat: :lololol: :goodjobbro: :almostascoolasnyancat: :-* :highfive: :ibsquatting: :ibjumping: :wowthatwasnutswtf:

Boxing / devastating right hand
« on: April 22, 2015, 01:21:04 pm »

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

seems like kind of a "no duh" point but it also doesn't seem to have occurred to any of the internets writers yet.

Track & Field / Rio 2016 T&F standards
« on: April 17, 2015, 05:04:13 pm »

i might, some day, run a qualifying time for a lady in the 400. that's the only one that looks even remotely in reach.  :lololol:


While the ability to run at high top speed has been clearly related to the ability to generate high amounts of [ground reaction force] in the vertical direction3,4, much less is known about the determinants of the acceleration phase of a sprint. Coaching practice has long considered the capability of force production as an inherent feature of acceleration and sprint capability. It is a common belief that how much force and impulse one athlete is able to produce and how hard they can ‘push the ground’ and ‘push with a forward incline’ during the entire acceleration phase are key variables.
It was found that the [decrement in ratio of force] was significantly and highly correlated to the two main 100 m performance parameters: mean and maximal 100 m velocity, as was the mean value of HF over the entire acceleration9. In contrast, neither vertical nor [ratio of the contact-averaged HF to the corresponding resultant GRF="TOTF"] averaged over the acceleration phase were significantly correlated to these performance parameters. Further, subjects’ TOTF was not significantly correlated to DRF. It was concluded that the force application technique, as opposed to the amount of total force subjects are able to apply onto the ground, is a key determinant of field 100 m sprint performance. However, one limitation of this study was that the results were obtained in low-level sprinters and in non-specialists.
[They did an experiment with very-good-to-elite sprinters]
Overall, the main and very novel results of these two studies show that the way sprinters apply force onto the ground (technical ability) seems to be more important to field sprint performance than the amount of total force they are able to produce (physical capability). In addition, these two mechanical features of the acceleration kinetics were not correlated, which means they represent two distinct skills.

interesting. article goes on to talk about practical implications.

Basketball / jimmy butler eats james harden's soul
« on: January 06, 2015, 11:48:09 am »

fixed his name. no idea why i put james, lol. his name isn't even actually james, it's jimmy butler the third.  :uhhhfacepalm:

Pics, Videos, & Links / YLM Sports Science
« on: October 26, 2014, 06:58:23 am »
neat set of graphics that clearly break down different topics in sports science.

just for general interest:

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Basketball / paul george leg injury
« on: August 02, 2014, 01:46:30 pm »
Heart's out to the guy. I could barely look at the still, let alone the video. says his season is "in doubt"...uh, no shit, Sherlock. His career is in doubt after an injury like that.

400m Sprinting or Shorter / technique videos and info
« on: July 29, 2014, 03:52:34 pm »
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Track & Field / USA Outdoor Masters Championships
« on: July 22, 2014, 12:59:08 pm »
USATF Outdoor Masters Championships were last weekend. PVTC, the club that organized the meet I participated in a couple weeks ago, finished fifth overall in the team standings and had seven individual national champs and one team championship (M70 4x100). One of them was the M60 winner in the 200 -- he ran 24.32 to beat his own American record! 24.32! He's 60 years old!

That's some inspiring shit.

Full results here:

T0ddday, are you 30 yet? The M30 national champ only ran 10.97. The field is relatively small because it's all amateurs (obviously). Hell, if I can get to high-11s and maintain that until I'm 30 I could make the finals. I'm less than three years away.

LETS NERD THE F OUT / nerds help, youtube not working
« on: July 07, 2014, 01:29:20 pm »
YouTube has stopped working on my computer. The page loads, the video loads, and then it won't play. I can even click along the timeline and get stills at that point, but I can't get it to move. I've tried clearing the cache and browser history (and now looks weird and blue) and reinstalling Flash player but it's not working.


Edit: Vimeo also not working. The MLB player is, though.

« on: July 03, 2014, 02:40:20 pm »
tomorrow, america celebrates its birthday. not the piddling little other countries in this hemisphere who also claim to be "america." i'm talking about the real deal, baby. the country that invented star wars (both kinds), chinese food, pulling yourself up by your bootstraps, and facebook is turning 238 years young. i doubt i'll be online tomorrow, so allow me to celebrate that shit right here and now.

roll tide.


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