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LanceSTS's Performance Blog / Re: STS TV
« on: August 25, 2011, 12:45:53 pm »
you've already put the quads at a disadvantaged position and made the glutes take most the workload at the bottom point.

This what we want, right? so we train the Hamstring and the Glutes more.


this is not article i found by chance i have been researching it for a while. Just glance through it and see what you think.

you don't have to be uneducated to fall for anything, but a person's understanding is what makes that person accept certain things and reject other things therefore falling for the wrong things.

humans are animals who mate year round, males seek out multiple mates, it's in the human code..

wtf lol, multiple mates, are you kidding me. let me give you a senario a male finds a female attractive and his hormones are released into the body.. long story short without the science.. he desires to have her because of his psychological state of mind when he sees her. But when he does his business he's desires aren't fulfilled, if it had been he would have remained with her but he sees another and the process starts again but he thinks that this person will give him a better experience than the former.

Then you feel man should not marry, as he is restricting himself to one person and as animals we should be allowed to mate to
multiple other mates in your opinion.

Also when a person's belief is at risk, which would cause to have change his ways which he is comfortable will not accept it because the person does not like the change.

Long story short, man finds the needs to fulfill his desires, according to the state of mind people fulfill their desires their own way, while others can hold in their desires. I am surprised you would think man as sex machines. i thought you were a christian or do you believe in the theory of evolution.

What i was trying to say is that they can use the TV i.e. advertising and other things to make us think the way they want us to.

There have been studies investigating the effects of subliminal messages and have shown to effect the psychological behavior regardless of it being good or bad.

I agree that we has humans have carnal desires, but it is these techniques that program a person's psychological thinking but not to an extent where he can't make up his mind, it just increases the desires of man.

I'm not going to go too much into the word you used 'sex machine' as it is your opinion and it would start a long evolution debate.

but imo i don't think man is a sex machine.

so i got carried away with this being the cause for rapist's and peadophiles, but if a man can't control his desires and watching such movies gets to comit such an act.

just like movies can cause violence. i.e. Matrix someone dressed in a leather robe claimed he was the one and shot someone because he was psychologically programmed to think this, movie industry people know what they are doing.

i don't believe anything i read if it doesn't make sense.

but people with different opinions will accept certain things and reject certain things.

In the article, there was a leaked document about a certain advertising which describes their techniques.

But in the end, if a person has been adapted to something for a long time he will refuse to believe anything against it.
trying to minimize the word psychologically programmed but that's what is happening.

LanceSTS's Performance Blog / Re: STS TV
« on: August 24, 2011, 05:45:22 pm »
here is a video i uploaded on youtube to have my form checked, my aim was to do ATG.

This as deep as i can go without forcing and last time i did that my Glutes was very sore, so yeah my glutes take the most workload and that is the main aim of the squat, right.

I go deep. But i find it hard to come up and i read in one of your post with someone with the same situation that i am not getting enough protein in my muscle as i don't consume whey protein powder during my workout which i will start for my hypertrophy workout.

So what you are saying is that as long as i go past parallel that is the point where i get the most benefit and it doesn't matter how deep you go? but don't force it, i will try and get video of just going  to the point of parallel and see how it goes.



I was reading through some articles on Mind control using subliminal messages after watching MythBusters busting a myth on mind control and i came across an interesting blog.

It shows that were are being psychologically manipulated through our TV's. This is what causes the obsessive desire for s*x and other fantasies, the cause for psychological states of Rapists and Peadophiles.

here is the link.  :ninja:

A long article but well worth the read, even includes a video of a guying phoning Disney complaining about his movie he rented for his kids containing filthy images.

Definitely an eye opener.  :o

These are the techniques that are being used and even it is illegal to use subliminal messages in image, sound or video form the companies come up with excuses of it being a technical error or just your sad imagination.

LanceSTS's Performance Blog / Re: STS TV
« on: August 24, 2011, 05:01:23 pm »
Sorry about the confusion, what i meant was regarding my first part of the post is that would doing squats at an angle help in immitating sprint block starts. i have attached an image i drew on paint to get an idea.
sorry about bad quality, rushed it in paint.

About my second point, i was talking about when doing the squat sit back going past parallel until you reach a certain point where you can stop to get the most benefit from the squat before you go back up and if you continue going further deeper than the benefit recieved from the squat reduces, is this true is there such a point.
i.e. When doing ATG squat you go deep but is such thing as going too deep that it becomes useless.

i do the ATG squat and it probably may be too deep.


Hope this is a better explanation

LanceSTS's Performance Blog / Re: STS TV
« on: August 23, 2011, 12:12:31 pm »

Nice vids lance, you're the only one that comes up with these new exercise which will be beneficial for us.

what do you think about acceleration style squat or normal squat but at an angle i.e. 45 degree adjustable. Immitating the sprint start out of the block.

Also feetplacement should be at an angle as well like the blocks.

Also when it comes to squat the more deeper you go the more your glutes and hip flexors are training but when you go right to the bottom there is a point where it becomes pointless where your muscles are relaxed.

So doing squats very deep but not too deep the point where it is most beneficial.

CALL EM OUT / Re: Adam Linkenauger/Vert Freak
« on: August 21, 2011, 02:48:24 pm »
Its sad how people are blinded by money, i can see that because your business does not do well, but this is expected but taking shortcuts just makes it worse, what counts in business is your reputation, your relationship with your customers, if you are legit you are trustable and people will buy because of this but when it takes shortcuts to try survive a loss by taking into scamming consumers then this will be bad for you in the long run, for these people, the ones who take the shortcut it can be said with not doubt in mind that these people are in it for the quick buck. These people practice the dark arts of marketing mind control.

sorry about the business speach but it had to be done and there's no law against this i.e. product does not do what it is supposed to do, in the US.

 8! lol :o that is alot.

i did hear that drinking coffee can help increase athletic performance
i find it really bitter to drink i run out of chocolate and i still have not finished my cup of coffee yet.

will try.

Thanks for the tip man.  :D

also for my most important jump sessions, i load up on caffeine ~1hour prior... helps alot if you only do it ~2-3x/week... gotta ease into it though, i use 4tspn coffee, started off with 1 a year ago.

i need to try like 8 next weekend wtf.. lmfao


Since i am training for speed i need to add a sprinting day so for day 7 for all the phases i will do.

Day 7

Sprint starts x 3 1 min or less rest
High knee skips, high knee skip and scoops and quick steps (drills from expert village) x 3 same as above rest
Tire drags (i have tires weighing ranging from 2.25 stones tires i have about 4, 2 stones tires have about 2 and 1 stone tires which i have 2 of them) i have a lot of tires as can be seen from the video. i can do it on concrete 30m x 2 sets/3min rest
flying sprints 50m x 2 2 min rest


Thanks for the tip man.  :D

What do you guys do when you are about to test your RVJ and SVJ do you guys do any warm ups any light weight training i.e. weighted squat jumps on to a box, etc.


Stats of August 2014:
Height: 5'9
Weight: 9 stones probably

Thigh measurement tensed straight: 23"
Bicep Measurement flexed: 11"
Abdomen: 31"
Hip: 33"
Upperbody/Chest (tensed) (all the way round, lats affect measurement): 36"
Forearm tensed: 10"
Calf plantarflexed: 13 1/2"
Kneck tensed: 15"

5 Step size measurement = 148cm
I will keep a log of all my training that i do here.

But i had to post a journal to get started.

A good tip from Kelly B, which i can include in my journal.
'What�s the easiest way to identify over-reaching? Pay attention to your motivation. I tell people to rank themselves on a scale of 1-10 for energy, motivation, and sleep every day and write it in their training log. It�s not perfect but if you can't give yourself at least a 7 in all 3 categories it�s pretty wise to take the day off.

Thanks, Hope to get started as soon as possible.

Since it is ramadan i plan on starting this mid september start october maybe.


Man that was awesome, i love watching ninja warrior.
how do you guys think you will do in the challenges, i probably can make it up to the third stage at the final part with rings and just make the swing to the finish but not good with ropes. :D

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