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Date: 26/05/2022
Soreness: none
BW: 67.7kg

Condition: Finally a dry warm day and empty track to do my sprint practice, also some other sprinters also training, going 100% sprints and making me feel bad lol, but I'm don't have any expectations so I'm enjoying the process.

Warm up
   activation and mobility stretch

   sprint start practice (sprint drills, sprint starts, etc)

   drop BSS Jumps with a high knee at the top
      - 1 x 3 each leg @bw
      - 1 x 3 each leg @6kg dumbbell in each hand
      - 2 x 5 each leg @15kg dumbbell in each hand

   contrasted with knee high box jumps single leg keeping legs as straight as possible

   power cleans from the floor which was mainly just high pulls
      - 1 x 5 snatch @30kg
      - 2 x 5 @50kg high pulls

   oblique pull overs - lie on bench and holding a bar you bring bar over head behind you and down and then reverse
      - 1 x 3 @10kg z bar
      - 2 x 7 @20kg z bar

   russian twists and crunches

cool down
Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: Reboot - get lean, get hops
« Last post by CoolColJ on May 27, 2022, 09:04:25 am »
Friday 27th May 2022

Feel better than yesterday
Low to medium aches all over, especially in my hips/glutes

Morning mobility work and upper body stretches

Walk - 29 mins

Tendon health+rehab - fasted

Bodyweight with shoes - 92.4kg in winter clothing

general mobility drills

split squat ISO, rear leg straight, on balls of feet, at 80 degrees knee angle x 35  secs
Glute bridge hold: 30 Seconds

rotating sets - 1 mins rest

A) SSB Calf Raise - single leg - BW warmups - hold at neutral, with 1 inch ROM slow Raises (x12) - 30secs x 30kg, 50kg, 60kg, 70kg @ RPE 8
ISO only - 30secs x 72.5kg

2/10 right achilles insertion pain on 60, 65kg sets, and at the start of the 70kg and 72.5kg sets

released upper traps on the SSB bar between sets, painful!

B) Leg extension, single leg - 3 slow reps, then 10 sec hold at top, and 60 degrees - 15kg
3 secs up and down between 10 and 60 degrees for 30secs - 22.5kg, 30kg, 35kg, 40kg @ RPE 8

1/10 left patella tendon pain on start of 40kg set when lifting off, but fine after.
So pain is coming down compared to previous weeks.


Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: Reboot - get lean, get hops
« Last post by CoolColJ on May 26, 2022, 11:20:13 am »
Thursday 26th April 2022

Mild drained feeling, sore quads, upper back, erectors and calves

Did upper body today, instead of waiting till tomorrow, so that I would have a full 2 days of rest before Sunday
Not ideal, but it was a deload session so it didn't matter if I felt tired and things felt hard.

Everthing did feel harder today.
Most work sets at 60% and 2-3x5

Upper mobility work and stretches

Walk - 32 mins

Tendon health+rehab -  Upper DELOAD

Bodyweight with shoes, winter clothing - 93.3kg

general mobility drills
side leg raises - x 20
Band pull aparts - high to low reverse grip: Light rogue band x20

Bench press - 20kg 2x10, 40kg x10, 50kg x8, 60kg x6

Larsen bench - Thumbs on smooth - 65kg x5
Larsen bench - regular grip - 2x5

Upper Bicep tendon pain at reversal on heavier sets, ie when it gets stretched/compressed
releasing and massaging the upper part of the biceps seems to help
I think this is the same pain I get in my left shoulder when doing dips.
I may have to do some bicep tendon rehab...

rotating sets - 2 mins rest

High angle rows - 20kg x12, 40kg x10, 50kg x5
belt- 60kg 2x5

Military Press: -  Hold at top, bulldog grip - 20kg x10, belt 30kg x5, 40kg 2x5

Pull up/Chin up - Hang and 20 scap shrugs, 10 wide grip
alternating between 1 pull up and chin set each rotation

A) Pull up - leg assisted x10
BW x1
BW x3 @ RPE 7
Wide, snatch grip BW x3 @7

Chin up, shoulder width - leg assisted x 10
BW x1
BW x3 @7

Dip shrugs: BW x 20 @5

Dumbbell, overhead press, arms in line with ears -  rotating grip - 15lbs x10, 25lbs x10

Single arm dumbbell row - bench head supported - 45lbs x10
belt - 65lbs 2x5

Scaption raises: - full range of motion - 5lbs x10
palms up 5lbs x10

left shoulder/bicep tendon clicks and pops

Incline Dumbbell curl - 45 degrees - 5lbs x10, 15lbs x8 @7
20lbs x6 @7

No bicep tendon pain. Angling out the arms helps, and maybe the incline angle as well.

Incline dumbbell tricep extensions: - 45 degrees - 5lbs x10, 15lbs x8 @6
20lbs x6 @6.5

Incline Dumbbell hammer curl - 45 degrees - 5lbs x10, 15lbs x8 @6
20lbs x6 @7

Chest supported YTWL raise complexx - 30 degrees -  2.5lbs x5 each
2.5lbs x10 each @9

Close grip triangle push up: - BW x 10 @5

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: Reboot - get lean, get hops
« Last post by CoolColJ on May 26, 2022, 10:27:12 am »
Wednesday 25th May 2022

Feeling much better than yesterday, but still some lingering low down aches.
Erectors the most.

Achilles insertion feeling good upon waking, especially the right side.
It's taken a while, but heavy slow resistance and combo ISOs are working

Weather cleared so I had planned to do a BBall session, but my usual court was taken over by schoolgirls sports and court markings were getting steam blasted and cleaned, so it was wet.
Went to another court but the overcast and cold weather didn't make things inviting so I bailed and went back home to lift instead...

Deload a bit and rest up for BBall on Sunday.
I sure need it, I think I should have deloaded 3 weeks ago when squats just felt heavy on my back even the early warmups.
I will need to plan things in advance, instead of relying on linear progression and winging it

Still went heavy today, but volume is way down from past weeks.
Next week I will also drop intensity

Morning mobility work and upper body stretches
soft tissue work for lower body and whole back

Tendon health+rehab - Day 1 Lower 1 - DELOAD

Bodyweight in shoes, winter clothing = 93.5kg
general mobility drills

BBall ball control and dribbling drills - 8 mins - good

A few small hops and skips

split squat ISO, rear leg straight, on balls of feet, at 80 degrees knee angle - x 30 secs
Front plank x 30 secs
glute bridge hold x 30 secs
Side plank- x30 secs each side

Alternating sets - 1 mins rest

A) Leg extension ISO, single leg - 6 sec Concentric, 10 sec hold at top, 30 and 60 degrees, slow eccentric - 15kg, 22.5kg
3 sec Concentric to 60 degrees, 30 sec hold -  30kg

B) olys with 20kg bar - powercleans, hang snatch hi pulls and power snatches
C) Overhead squat - slow tempo - BW 2x10 in Nano X
D) Low bar good morning: 20kg 2x10

Alternating sets - 1 mins rest

A) Clean/Snatch high pulls - 3x clean high pull + 2 snatch high pull  - 60kg x 3 sets
felt harder than last week

1 set of high bar, then low bar until main work sets - then all high bar sets
facing up slope of garage

Low bar squat: - Oly Shoes - slow eccentrics - 60kg x10, 75kg x5, 90kg x3, belt 105kg x3

High bar squat: - NanoX - slow eccentrics - 20kg x10, 40kg x10, 60kg x5, 90kg x5, belt 105kg x3, 120kg x3, 135kg x1
belt - slow eccentric 145kg x1 @RPE 8

130kg x5 @ RPE 7
130kg x5 @ RPE 8

145kg x1 was pretty hard, which I was expecting to be easier based on the 140kg x4 @RPE8.5 I did last session.
No chance of getting 130kg x10 this week, after hitting 125kg x10 @ RPE 8.5 last week...
ABs were struggling as well, still recovering from all the core work I did a few days ago.
made the slow eccentric sets feel awful.

Deload well overdue....

Alternating sets - 1 mins rest

A) SSB Good Morning: - belt - 30kg x10, 40kg x10
belt -
50kg x10 @6
60kg x10 Belt @7

B) SSB tibialis raise - in oly shoes, Romaleos 2 - BW x12, 30kg x 10, 50kg x3 60kg x6 @ RPE 8

D)SSB Calf Raise - single leg -  1 sec up and 3 secs to slightly below neutral  - BW x6, 30kg x 6,
50kg x8, 60kg x8 @RPE 7/8

Nice, no achilles pain at all for the first time with a weight over 30kg, and slightly under neutral

Alternating sets - 2 mins rest

A) Leg Curls - end of unit elevated 5 inches - 20kg x10, 30kg x6
explosive concentric, toes pointed
37.5kg x12 @RPE 8.5  (PR!! +1.25kg, +1 rep)

B) Single leg, leg extension - leaning back,  3 sec up and down, between 10 and 60 degrees -  20kg 2x8 @ RPE 6
25kg x5 @ RPE 8.5

SSB Bulgarian split squat - hand supported - each side back to back, 3 secs down and up - rear foot on 6 inch step, toes down
BW 4x6
7.5kg x5, 15kg x5
30kg x5 @ RPE 5
35kg x6 @6

forgot to put front ball of foot on a step to load the soleus......

Jefferson curl, single dumbbell, 3 position - alternating to front, left and right - 15lbs x6, 25lbs x15 @5
The action of conscious leaning has been an eye opener for me, every action I did was hoping for an automatic lean but it doesn't.

This has led to many discoveries including the broad jump, leaping out at a more lower angle also helps improve the distance. I just did a broad jump where I slowly lowered to bottom position and then arms behind and then relaxed swing jump forward and I got 2.4m approx easily.
Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: Reboot - get lean, get hops
« Last post by CoolColJ on May 24, 2022, 05:59:21 am »
Tuesday 24th May 2022

Still some overall soreness present
Didn't feel right, so listening to my body, voted for more rest today

Right achilles insertion seems to have turned the corner and more on par with the left side now

Next fine day is 2 days from now, so may just wait till Sunday before I head to the BBall courts again
No need to rush things

Morning mobility work and upper body stretches

soft tissue work for lower body and some upper
Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: a fast and explosive donkey!
« Last post by LBSS on May 24, 2022, 02:35:32 am »
no! missed it. a couple of my colleagues had yogurt with their lunches but i didn't try it. next time.

just signed up for a 5k on june 26. goal will be <21 as i am not in very good shape. but gf just finished her first half (top 10% overall, men and women!) and is jazzed about racing so she talked me into signing up. can treat it as a gnarly tempo run. i won't get a workout in today, as i'm leaving and don't want to get on the plane with sweat-soaked clothes stinking up my bag. but will keep up the intervals and tempo over the next few weeks (and slow runs, of course) in hopes of being in some semblance of shape for the race.
Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: Triathlon sprint prep
« Last post by John Stamos on May 23, 2022, 03:38:31 pm »
Been running and walking.  Have my massage tomorrow so hopefully she can work the knots out.

Today I walked for an hour then finished with a 9 min mile maybe.

I'll workout in the am, get my massage then just keep stretching and get back to it. 

Tomorrow will probably be push so the same as Thursday.
Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: Reboot - get lean, get hops
« Last post by CoolColJ on May 23, 2022, 07:02:53 am »
Monday 23rd May 2022

Moderate soreness in arms and abs, but my erectors are pretty sore from yesterday somehow....
Legs starting to feel crisper

Total rest day today.
See how tomorrow turns out, but it's been raining just about everyday, so if it does, then no BBall
But maybe casual indoor court visit might be an option, but they are usually booked, we will see.

Otherwise I will do my stuff at home as I am able to

Morning mobility work and upper body stretches
Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: a fast and explosive donkey!
« Last post by gukl on May 22, 2022, 06:38:13 pm »
last friday

- treadmill ladder 1 km @ 12kph, 12kph, 15.4 kph, 11kph
felt so much better

- pull up x 5
- DB OHP 15s x 5
- KB swing 15? x 10
- TTB x 5


no training but spent several hours walking around an astounding old city a short ways away from kathmandu called bhaktapur. so cool.

Did you get the bhaktapur yoghurt (JuJu dhau?) - it's Incredible
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