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Researchers at the University of St Andrews are challenging people to claim $1m (£770,000) by finding the solution to a "simple" chess puzzle.

Computer programmers would be able to pocket the cash, which is offered by the Clay Mathematics Institute in America, if they found an efficient solution to the famous eight queens puzzle.

I found one of the solutions and was happy then realize that they wanted someone to create a program which will quickly find a solution to this problem.  :uhhhfacepalm:

Boxing / Gennady Golovkin vs Saul Canelo Alvarez
« on: August 23, 2017, 09:13:24 am »
Let's also discuss the gennady golovkin and canelo alvarez clash, you can see the difference in atmosphere between the two, one is more colourful and just antics and circus, while this is a serious boxing match.

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Pics, Videos, & Links / The Strong, Fast and Agile Seniors
« on: August 17, 2017, 10:42:07 am »
I saw some old people who show their true strengths and it didn't belong in the old farts thread, so maybe another thread dedicated to fit old men & women.

She can hold an elevated seat lift.

Boxing / Ward vs kovalev 2
« on: June 08, 2017, 08:35:08 pm »
I decided to make it early as I won't be able to have access to a computer next week as I will be going out of town for a few days and will be back the following week so will watch the fight later the following week.

But my thoughts on the fight is that it's going to be interesting.

I think if kovalev is on form and has a good game plan I can see him winning the fight even the first fight he was winning the first few rounds but the later rounds he lost it.

But also andre ward has become familiar with kovalev, which means has ward found out any new things he can use to his advantage, because in his first fight I could tell that the move up in weight showed he was the smaller fighter because his big efforts he put into beating kovalev appeared to have minimal impact on the natural light heavy weight kovalev who is known as the crusher, so props to ward for taking the fight (first one) and the second one too.

Would love to see ward win again, but I think if both at their best I think kovalev wins it by unanimous decision, but I hope i'm wrong.

NHS computer network have seemed to have eperienced a large cyber attack on their computers across England, with a pop up message demanding ransom $300 in return for their files.

Boxing / Klitschko vs Joshua (Spoilers Hidden) A must see fight
« on: May 01, 2017, 05:26:25 am »
90,000!!!!! FANS.

 :motherofgod:   :trolldance: :trolldance: :trolldance: :trolldance: :headbang: :headbang: :D :D :wowthatwasnutswtf: :wowthatwasnutswtf: :ibjumping: :ibsquatting: :motherofgod: :motherofgod: :motherofgod: :trolldance:

I am just sooo happy I was literally shouting and screaming towards the end of the fight. The best fight I have ever seen with action and anticipation and drama.

Let's recap of what happened. SO.

First few rounds anthony joshua and klitschko not doing much testing and just being cautious, I felt as if anthony joshua was nervous and then in round 5 i think bam joshua comes in gun blazing and then does damage and knocks klitschko down, OMG at this point i am excited, but klitschko lands a counter and makes joshua dizzy. I didn't see the counter and I was thinking wow did he tire himself out that much that he was basically just not defending and just was a sitting duck and luckily klitschko was fazed by the barrages of punches and could not put joshua out who basically standing there ready to be knocked out but realized klitschko landed and was hoping the round ends quick. Then next round more drama and more scares klitschko with that sharp right hand, which he is always loading up to land and joshua always doesn't see it coming and is knocked out omg and for the rest of the round joshua is getting hit and has to survive and I was hoping he does. Even the next round klitschko starts on the attack and joshua again just could not do anything but try survive. So joshua plans to rest the next round be inactive and then in the last round OMG I am soo excited the barrages of punches and that punch that hurt klitschko and that deadly upper cut from the left hook which goes over klitschko and somehow joshua manages to bring in an uppercut to wobble klitschko, klitschko goes down he is too dizzy to even go to referee but referree continues and then again another knockdown. OMG the amount of times i was shoting at this point. Joshua just had to finish it and then the stoppage. TKKOOO!!!!!!.  So happy for joshua.

This fight will go down in heavy history for sure because of the anticipation and drama and its been a long time since klitschko been stopped and joshua pulls off a tko victory over klitscko. Klitschko's hands are powerful the way he jumps/steps into his punches def steel fists. But joshua digged deep and put him away. Its how bellew was saying to use his youth and just force the pace and thats what he did.


BEst fight i have seen and even yet a fight which mayweather vs pacquiao failed to produce. This is what i wanted to see in that may pac fight.

Heavyweight boxing was the foundation of where boxing highlights of the past and that glory has returned back to the division with such an enormous victory. Congrats to Joshua.

So much to say but woowww amazing fight.   :wowthatwasnutswtf:  :headbang:

Boxing / golovkin vs jacobs
« on: March 19, 2017, 07:09:16 pm »
OMG wat an excellent fight, jacobs did way more then what i expected him to do, he neutralized golovkin throughout the fight. I had it close up to the last round and I think golovkin did truly win the fight. But it was close.

The first few rounds jacobs showing his skills nicely, but then in round 4, jacobs was getting hit and was moving his head badly that, hopefully im wrong, that he let ggg hit him and because of that ggg knocked him out.

Then afterwards jacobs was just locking horns with golovkin and was doing a super job, he should have stuck to the gameplan of boxing, which i saw moments of, which because of he was winning, but then he would make mistake and get clumsy and fail. the last round jacobs was all gassed out and just couldn't throw much and therefore he lost the last round.

But golovkin jab is just full of sting and he just manages to land most of his jabs no matter if jacobs head was moving which ever way. jacobs needs to improve on his defence, but he handled golovkin's power well.

As to the chocolatitio gonzalez fight I will have to watch that again, i'm just shocked.

Boxing / Carl frampton vs santa cruz rematch
« on: February 02, 2017, 08:07:24 pm »
Wow, that was some damn awesome match, I'm so happy for santa cruz. He had a better game plan. He knew how to avoid the hits from frampton. He would come close to make frampton miss then back up and then hit.

Frampton was not easy, far from it. He was still the same aggressive fighter and the results a md again lol.

Mikey garcia fight was awesome too, he knocked out zlatican, brutal ko. Mikey garcia great fighter.

Great fight.

Boxing / Andre ward vs kovalev
« on: November 22, 2016, 04:19:10 pm »
How is there not a thread for this fight, it was such an awesome fight that it has to be done.

WOW  :wowthatwasnutswtf: :headbang: Have you ever watched a technical sports and marvel at the technicality and mind tactics involved that you realzie that its not just a basic sport but their mentality to win puts it at another level, well this was the same. Both boxers fighting tough and using tactics and strategy that when I see this, I see that its not only just hitting the other person with the gloves using different punches, but they used position, feet placement, traps, feints and some other things that makes me realize that the amount of a mental game this is as it is a physical fight that separates the pros from the amatuers just like in chess you have tactics and then you have super mental strategies that is beyond your comprehension. I actually believe they both tried their 100% best both mentally and physically and they both had the right game plan, but kovalev probably a bit better as ward had occasions of being open and when he extends his hand that leaves him open for kovalev to come in and there were numerous times kovalev landed his jab to the head of ward or its beyond my comprehension.

So, kovalev started as the dynamic fighter, he had excellent reflex, he can counter and his jabs are tough, and the knockout in the second round, that showed his speed in getting to the punch first, kovalev was an excellent counter puncher, power puncher and good jabber but he lacked the body punch which andre ward drilled him with. Later on you could see ward not getting luck with distance and has to go in and rough him up and land the body punches, later andre wards punches were landing, there were the occasional power jabs from kovalev but andre ward was making his way back as kovalev tired and this is the excellence of ward, in his range and power and reflex and long term strategy. But they both were like bull fighting, especially when close, kovalev had the tendency to hold wards head down or wrap him up. As the rounds grew ward managing to make alot of shots to the head as well as kovalev having the occasional counter to the head.

When it came to the score cards, I had it close, I had a gut feeling they would give it to kovalev because of his counters and hard jabs but it was a close score for me, it could have been a draw but when andre ward won, I was happy for him to have won such a big fight, even though kovalev felt he won, which I would neither disagree or agree but felt that since it was so close it was up to the judges and they scored in favour of andreward, and the score card showed all three judges had it 114-113 to ward and gave last round to ward. I was amazed at unofficial score card that he was giving away rounds to kovalev.

But I still feel this was one of the best technical, power boxing match and they both really deserved to be the top of the game.

BUT ANDRE WARD WON, YES!!!  :headbang:

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 :wowthatwasnutswtf: :wowthatwasnutswtf: :wowthatwasnutswtf:

Boxing / Pacquiao vs vargas
« on: November 06, 2016, 07:24:04 pm »
Man, pacquiao is back and fired up especially in a fight against an opponent like jessie vargas.

They did say that they guarantee a knockout but vargas was not to trade with him and thats the reason why manny didn't knock him out and whenever vargas did try trade, he was recieving punches he couldn't see and was being roughed up.

The first round started slow but then on to the second and third round manny was moving alot and I like his style of moving in and out but one thing I rather see him change his the occasional leaps with the left punch, which isn't followed by another punch, but ones where he does that and is close to throw another at another angle i love those.

Then manny with straight down the middle very quick and knock vargas on his ass. Then after vargas started shaping up, one thing about vargas is that he has a powerful punch too especially his jab, it has the snap to it, he managed to catch pacquiao a few times down the middle when manny would try come in but later during the rounds, pacquiao had broken him, vargas had become slow and tired and manny jumping in do combo or punch and jump out and do it again.

Pacquiao is very powerful still and very quick, they say he doesn't knock people because they become defensive but he already said back when marquez knocked him out, he had to become carefull unline previous where he was careless, effective nevertheless and strong.

Mayweather was there too, on a night out as he claims. I doubt he will face pacquiao again. But I would like to see pacquiao vs crawford at 140, which is supposedly pacquiao's favourite and strong weight to be in,

good fight nevertheless.

I didn't watch the donaire fight, but by the sound of it, there are mixed emotions of who really should have won.

Boxing / canelo vs smith
« on: September 18, 2016, 08:41:56 pm »
one sentence to sum up the fight is, wtf is canelo made up of, he is allowing smith to hit him and he doesn't move a little especially the head shots againsts the ropes.

It was a mismatch from the beginning, until canelo started to i don't know let him hit him or just rest alot and therefore be exposed to getting hit, but liam smith is very slow as I have seen alot of boxers, they are planning and getting close before they execute, same with smith he was planning and doing nothing and coming close to an extent their gloves touched while in defence and he is still thinking and then executes he is lucky canelo is not attacking while he is thinking. It was a bad match.

I never oscar de la hoya well and canelo was my favourite fighter until he started avoiding ggg even after bragging about his mexican heritages.

but dela hoya is a sneaky evil person, before a fight he talks up about the opponent, how he is strong, undefeated; same with amir khan, his fast, but then after the fight he is like 'canelo thrashed those people like easy work, he made pros look like nothing lol, he brings them up so as to exaggerate canelo's toughness in the ring when in reality he has been giving canelo, blown up welterweights and weak fighters to beat just for his reputation.

I like max kellerman's interview after the fight, lol savage attacking the promoter as it is. but the canelo fans, something wrong with them, max said about ducking ggg and canelo responded ironically 'i fear no one' and the whole crowd goes wild, seriously lmao.

but I enjoyed canelo's skills, snap in punches and combo, upper cut and compared to liam's punches which lacked snap, comfortable, his punches were a lot of effort, some of his punches looked real weak.

but in terms of the fight, the only exciting part was canelo fighting and going reall aggresive especially that body punch which knocked him, ouch looked painful.

Strength, Power, Reactivity, & Speed Discussion / the iliopsoas muscle
« on: September 02, 2016, 07:21:29 pm »

the iliopsoas muscle is one of the major contributing muscles involved in improving sprinting speed, but the question arises in training this intriguing muscle group.

I have heard that it is just not possible to increase the cross sectional area (the size) of the psoas muscle, that maybe its just something that is genetics, while there are some who say it can be increased through decline situps or leg raises.

I found this interesting article.

If increasing size was possible, most of effort would be put on increasing size, before strengthening it.

what do you guys think.

Wow, is just an understatement and it deserved its own thread.

I never knew she didnt make the us olympic team in the trials but what she did in this diamond league, is just a statement to those people, that the US have lost one of their best athletes and winning a gold medal, they win a gold medal, but not someone of this status.

The 100m Hurdles final, she always performs but when she won this race and I saw the time jump to 12.57 I was thinking, how, it was definitely faster then that, then the time was corrected to 12.20 WR.

Her reaction to seeing her world record time was epic, I am really happy for her.

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 :wowthatwasnutswtf:  :goodjobbro:

Track & Field / olympic trials
« on: July 05, 2016, 10:37:39 am »
Very interesting to see different countries criteria and the national trials, the UK trials were OK but they seem to struggle, but the US trials was on another level, they really are passionate about their athletes and push for them unlike in the UK. The criteria to qualify in USA was sub 10 seconds? correct me if im wrong. Justin gatlin won a good time. Jamaica trials was intense also, unfortunately for bolt's injury he couldn't compete, but yohan blake is not at the level to threaten bolt but gatlin definitely is getting back to his old self.

I know that some of you have jobs on here and have the same struggle of balancing work and workout and some manage nicely as their work doesn't interfere.

But I would like to start this thread and find the most effective method of getting an effective workout when you are working 7am-5pm Mon - Fri and can only fit in one workout session a week.

As I do 2 days a week, the upcoming job will require 7am-5pm. So I can not do track workout effectively enough.

This has to be the main reason people aren't getting an effective workout.

Any suggestions?

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