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Re: chasing athleticism
« Reply #4830 on: April 15, 2019, 11:05:46 am »
Idk compartment syndrome was just something i came across on youtube when searching about shin splints. And the reason i made the connection is b/c i was contemplating getting some calf compressions but i realised it wouldnt really help b/c simply pulling socks up mades it worse, which sounds like what compartment syndrome is like (compression of fascia). still, ive had this for a long time now. it started when i started running from memory. That seems to be the trigger, altho doing high volume squatting can also seem to induce it as well. Now it's just seemingly gotten worse.

It's manifesting itself in squats, my right leg just seems weaker now. Im favouring the left a lot during squats b/c the right just seems to not be able to handle the load. It probably doesnt help i do my jumping with planting right leg either, which puts a ton of stress on it. and sometimes i think maybe the problem is upstream b/c the entire right leg just seems weirdly tight/immobile .. like from glutes and adductors down .. prob just need some decent rest.
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